Our Services

We provide all water engineering products and services such as water treatment and purification, water systems planning and design, construction, training, construction management, operations, assistance, water storage and distribution, general plumbing & maintenance, borehole electrical pumps, among other services.

Water Source and supply

  1. Source identification and mapping
  2. Source development studies
  3. Water quality studies
  4. Safe yield analysis
  5. Well rehabilitation
wwaterworks water supply service

Water Filtration

  1. Ongoing maintenance programmes
  2. Commercial plant maintenance
  3. Engineering maintenance
  4. After hours service available
wwaterworks water filtration service

Water Storage

  1. Distribution systems
  2. Hydraulic analysis
  3. Pumping and booster sections
  4. Transmission and booster stations
  5. Water quality monitoring
  6. Storage facilities
wwaterworks water storage service


  1. Drip and micro-irrigation systems
  2. Sprinkler irrigation
  3. Turf irrigation
  4. Automation and fertigation
wwater works irrigation services